Friday, June 1, 2012

McFarlane, Andrew

The funeral of the late Mr Andrew M'Farlane, an old soldier who saw service in the Crimean war, took place on Saturday afternoon. The deceased veteran was very properly accorded a military funeral in recognition of his having been one of those to uphold the British arms in a bygone generation.

The funeral procession was formed at the residence of deceased in Caversham, and was headed by the Garrison Band, under Lieutenant George. Following came the gun-carriage bearing the coffin, covered with the Union Jack and wreaths forwarded by sympathetic friends. The Caversham Rifles marched in rear of the gun-carriage, and next to them came representatives from most of the Volunteer companies in, and around Dunedin, the friends and acquaintances of deceased bringing up the rear.

The Dead March from "Saul" was played by the band as the procession moved slowly towards the Southern Cemetery. The funeral service at the grave was conducted by the Rev. R. J. Liddell,, and at its conclusion a firing party from the Caversham Rifles fired, three volleys over the grave of the old soldier and "The Last Post" was sounded by the bugler in attendance. A good many of the Veterans' Association also, attended to pay the last tribute of respect to their departed, comrade.
Otago Witness , Issue 23635, 14 September 1904, Page 80

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