Saturday, May 26, 2012

Whelan, Patrick

Another very old veteran who responded to Lord and Lady Ranfurly's invitation was Sergeant Patrick Whelan, of the 55th Foot. He enlisted at the age of 17, and served with the colours 22 years, retiring at last with the good conduct medal, the Crimean medal (with clasps for the Alma, Inkermann, and Sebastopol), the Ottoman Government's medal, and the New Zealand war medal.

Sergeant Whelan was among the veterans who were present at the send-off to the Auckland detachment of the Fifth Contingent several weeks ago. On that occasion, Lady Ranfurly recognised the Crimean war medal on his breast, and, stepping up to the old soldier, she pat her finger on the Crimean medal and said with a beaming smile, 'My father was there, too.' it is little attentions like these that make the Ranfurlys so beloved by the people among whom they live.
Observer, Volume XX, Issue 1114, 5 May 1900, Page 6

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