Monday, May 21, 2012

Un-named Crimean Veteran

The Christchurch Press relates that a little incident worthy of note occurred at, the Port recently. The French man-of-war Duguay Prouin was thrown open to visitors during the day, but long before she was opened to the public there was a rush to get on board, and the officers had to refuse admittance.

Among the crowds who went to the gangway was an old Crimean veteran, his breast adorned with several decorations won in the struggle, where English and French fought shoulder to shoulder against the Muscovite. He was espied by the French officers, and the fact being made known to Commandant Courrejolles, that officer at once issued orders that the veteran should be allowed to come on board at once and look round the vessel. The old man walked on board, proud as Lucifer, and even those who had to wait till later on where much pleased with the consideration shown by the French captain.
Wanganui Chronicle, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 11914, 9 January 1894, Page 2

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