Monday, May 21, 2012

Sullivan, Daniel

Mr Macfarlane, Coroner, held an inquest at Goldsborough on the body of an old miner named Daniel Sullivan. From the evidence it appears that a friend named Daniel Clarty was passing a neighbour's house at 5 p.m. on Tuesday when she informed him that Sullivan had not been about that day and she, had not seen smoke coming from his chimney.

He went to the hut and knocked but received no reply. He then tried to force the door open but without success. A young man named O'Sullivan then came to his assistance and the door was forced open with an axe.

Clarty then went to his old friend's bunk and found him lying in the bed, undressed and quite dead although the body was still warm. The hands were folded across the breast and from the appearance of the body it would seem that he passed away in his sleep, without a struggle. Sullivan was an old soldier, a Crimean veteran, and possessed several medals. He had been mining for many years and was deservedly liked and esteemed throughout the district. At the inquest the jury returned a verdict that death resulted from natural causes; a post mortem examination was deemed unnecessary.
West Coast Times , Issue 9937, 4 October 1894, Page 2

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