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Sebastopol Day - 8 September 1900

Veterans at Government House
Old Soldiers Entertained by the Governor

His Excellency is to-day celebrating Sebastopol Day by entertaining veterans of the army and navy at luncheon at Government House. Tables are laid in the ballroom, which has been tastefully decorated for the occasion under the direction of the Countess of Ranfurly.

The reception is to extend from 2 to 5 o'clock. Only two toasts will be given by the Governor - "The Queen" and "Lord Roberts and our Forces in South Africa."

A recitation is to be given by Miss Stidolph (the daughter of a veteran), and Messrs. John Prouse and E. J. Hill will sing.

Of the 200 invitations issued by Lord Ranfurly, 136 were accepted. A number of the guests came into Wellington by last night's and this morning's trains from all parts of the Island from New Plymouth on the west and Napier on the east coast.

In the list of invitations given hereunder, some of the records of the old soldiers have not been obtained, and the initials "N.Z." after the names mean that the veteran wears the New Zealand medal. There are no less than fifty Crimean veterans on the list, which will be found to include a few names of men who do not wear medals.

The following is the list:
Samuel Atkins (Wellington), Sergt., 78th Regiment, Persia and the Indian Mutiny medals
H. W. Atcherley (Wellington), 1st Waikatos, N.Z.
Robert Alexander (Kilbirnie), 65th, N.Z.
Samuel Austin (Wanganui), Sergt., 78th, N.Z. cross and medal
F. Appleyard (New Plymouth), Crimea
Thos. Adamson (Taihape, Wanganui), N.Z. cross
Henry Arden (Wellington), N.Z. medal
John Brace (Wellington), 52nd, Mutiny
W. Buck (Wellington), Colonial Defence Force, N.Z.
E. H. Beere (Wellington), Engineer Volunteers, N.Z.
J. H. Brown (Wellington), Hawkes Bay Volunteers, N.Z.
E. Bezar (Wellington), 57th, N.Z.
W. H. Brooks (Mangaweka), N.Z.
James Brown (Wellington), 18th, N.Z.
Hon. W. D. Baillie, M.L.C., Capt., 24th, Punjaub, etc.
Capt. Barclay (Wellington), 24th
G. J. N. Beamish (Wellington), Capt., 14th, N.Z.
David Bell (Wellington), 65th, N.Z.
C. T, Benzoni (Wellington), Army Hospital Corps, China and N.Z.
Capt. Bower (Town Clerk, Napier)
Robt. Bright (Waverley), 57th, Crimea, Turkish, N.Z.
Samuel Berry (Napier), 70th, Crimea
Thos. Broadfield (Hastings), 70th, Crimea, Turkish, N.Z.
Thos Bosworth (New Plymouth), D.S.F., four medals, including Crimea
Major Brassey (Wanganui), Crimea, Turkish, N.Z.
Chas. Brown (Wellington), 2nd Armed Constabulary, N.Z.
A. Burton (Wellington), Royal Marines, China
W. Blick (Wanganui), R.A., Crimea and Sebastapol
T. F. Brenchley (Mauricevilla), R.N., South African (1853)
M. Cashen (Wellington), 14th, N.Z.
R. T. Curtis (Wellington), 1st Waikatos, N.Z.
W. Christie (Wellington), C.D.F., N.Z.
James Capper (Wellington), 1st Waikatos, N.Z.
G. Collyer (Wellington), Crimea
Capt. Cummins (Wanganui), N.Z.
Patrick Carey (Napier), 70th, Mutiny and N.Z.
Chas. Catton (Napier), 70th, Mutiny and N.Z.
George Clampitt (Napier), 18th, Mutiny, Burmah, N.Z.
Hon. J. Carroll (Native Minister), N.Z.
James Connor (Wanganui), 74th Highlanders, Crimea and Turkish, three clasps
Edward Clutterbuck (Hawera)
W. Cullen (Hawera), R.N.
John De Laney (Wellington), 57th, India, Crimea, N.Z.
Charles Dunfoy (Wellington), 70th, Indian Mutiny, N.Z.
John Danderson (Ohiro Home), C.D.F., N.Z.
Walter Delaney (Wellington), N.Z.
Seaman Davis (Makara), R.N., Crimea and China
Joseph Donovan (Wanganui), 57th, Crimea, Turkish, N.Z.
William Delaney (Eketahuna), N.Z.
J. Duffin (New Plymouth), 57th, Crimea and Turkish
Sergt. J. Donaghy (Huterville);
Fred. De Lisle (Napier)
Selwyn Davis (Woolston), Scottish Fusiliers, Crimea
Sir Arthur Douglas, R.N.
J. O'D. Dingley (Inglewood), Sergt., 89th, Crimea
C. Dixon (Masterton), R.N.
Richard Evans (Wellington), C.T.C, N.Z.
Com. Edwin (Wellington), R.N., Crimea
W. G. Entw -istle (Wellington), 24th, India
Thomas Ennis (Mangaweka), 18th, N.Z.
George Elgar (or Elgan?) (Wellington,), Sergeant, 76th
John Fulton (Wellington), R.E., Crimea and Turkish
Captain John Falconer Torpedo Corps (Wellington), R.E long service medal
Colonel W. Fraser (Wellington)
Joseph Fowler (Karori), L.T.C, served in Crimea (no medal)
James Farr (Waverley), 57th, Crimea
T. Furlong (New Plymouth), Crimea
Wm. Fogden (Wellington), R.N., Katlir
Anthony Green (Taitville), 65th, N.Z.
Hon. Dr. Grace, M.L.C., staff, C.M.G., N.Z.
F. B. Grover (Kilbirnie), Bengal H.A., India
P. Garbes (Wellington), Wellington Rifles, N.Z.
Michael Gill (Napier) 57th, Crimea, Turkish, N.Z.
N. Golding (New Plymouth), Crimea and Mutiny
Lieut. Colonel Gorton (Bulls), N.Z.
A. Hood (New Plymouth), Crimea
Wm. Hedges (Wellington), 55th
Jesse Huett (Wellington), 58th, N.Z.
J. E. Hopkins (Mount Cook Barracks), Middlesex, South Africa;
C Haslam (Wellington), 3rd Waikatos, N.Z.
E. Hutchings (Wellington), C.D. F., N.Z.
J. Hearfield (Mitchelltown), Forest Rangers, N.Z.
G. Halliwell (Wellington), 65th, N.Z.
J. A. Hamilton, 1st Waikatos
Joseph Hicks (Wellington), 19th Crimea and Turkish
Richard Hingstone (Ohiro Home), C.D.F., entitled to N.Z.
Hon Major Harris, M.L.C., N.Z.
John Halloran (Christchurch), 58th Foot, 1st N.Z. war (1846)
James Holbrook (Wanganui), 57th Foot, Crimea, Turkish, N.Z.
J. Handley (Wanganui), N.Z.
James Hart (New Plymouth), Crimea
P. Houlaghan (New Plymouth), Crimea, Turkish, N.Z.
T. R. Hackett (Wellington), Sergt., Middlesex Regiment, Crimea, Maori war
Charles Jeffcott (Wanganui), 57th, Crimea, Turkish, N.Z.
John Kieffe (Wellington;), 7th Foot, Crimea
Hon. C. W. A. Kenny, M.L.C, Crimea
Hon. T. Kelly, M.L.C, N.Z.
Hoani Kaihi (Mount Cook Barracks), Bombardier Permanent Militia, N.Z.
Arthur Kincaide (Wanganui), 68th, Crimea, Turkish, N.Z.
James Keily (Napier), 57th, Crimea, Turkish
Usher Lucas (Wellington), R.E. (A.P.), 2nd Quartermaster-Sergeant, long service
W. Lingard (Wellington), C.D.F., N.Z. Cross and Medal
M. Landers (Wellington), 57th, N.Z.
Ludlam (Wellington), 11th Foot, N.Z.
R. Lunn (Wellington), 14th Foot, N.Z.
J. Love (Wellington), Bengal Fusiliers, India Medal, Delhibar
James Lawton (Wellington), N.Z.
Major Liddle (Feilding), Crimea, three medals
J. Lambert, (Inglewood), 44th, Crimea
J. Murray (Hutt), N.Z.
K. M'Kenna (Wauganui), Ensign, 65th, V.C.
Robert Mowatt (Wellington), R.A., Sergeant-Major, Crimea and Turkish
J. M. May (Wellington), Wanganui Rifles, N.Z.
J. C. Mogine (Hutt) Auckland Rifles, N.Z.
T. Macauley (Wellington), N.Z.
C. M'lntyre (Wellington), Taranaki Militia, N.Z.
Chas. M… (Wellington), Land Transport C.. Crimea and Turkish
Lieut. -Col. ...ger (Wellington), N.Z.
Wm. M... (Wanganui), 57th, Crimea, Turkish, N.Z.
Timothy M'Carthy (Ingleswwod) Sergeant, 18th, 1st China, 1at Burmah, and Crimea
F. M'...M.H.R. (Hawera), N.Z.
Alex. M'Neil [or M'Neill] (Aramoho), Lieut. East India Company Mutiny, Delhi, Lucknow
Chas (Wellington), late 40th, N.Z.
Moore (New Plymouth); 57th, Crimea, Turkish, N.Z.
Geo. Nash (Wellington), Sergeant, 12th Foot, Crimea. Turkish, N.Z.
R. M. Miller (Napier), 23rd Abybsinian
M. O'Connor (Wellington), 57th, N.Z.
John Owens (Napier), 70th, Mutiny and N.Z.
O'Donnell (New Plymouth), 55th, Crimea, Turkish, two bars and cross
Major Owen
R. Pegley Wellington) A.C. Force, N.Z.
J. G. Price (Hutt), 1st Waikatos, N.Z.
Coleman Philips (Featherston), 2nd Waikatos, N.Z.
George Purdy (Wellington), Taranaki Militia, N.Z.
G. A. Preece (Palmerston N.), Capt. A.C Force, N.Z. Cross and medal
Col. Penton, R.E.
Inspector Peter Pender (Wellington), Crimea
Price, (Wellington), R. Marines, Ashanti
Lieut. Col. Porter (Wellington), N.Z.
Pycroft (New Plymouth), R.N., Crimea
John Quigley (Eketahuna), 87th, Indian Mutiny
J. J. Russell (Hutt), 18th Foot, N.Z.
J. Robinson (Wellington), N.Z.
Captain Russell, M.H R., 14th
A. E. Rowden (Wellington), R.N., Crimea and Turkish
M. Redmond (Wanganui), 57th, Crimea and Turkish
S. Ryan (Wanganui), 57th, Crimea, Turkish, N.Z.
Patrick Ready (Meanee), 43rd, Mutiny and N.Z.
Denis Reardon (Wellington),65th, N.Z.
W. J. Raven (Wellington), Forest Rangers, N.Z.
F. Stevens (Wellington), Taranaki Volunteers, N.Z.
J. Stevens, M.H.R. (Bulls), N.Z.
A. C. F. Stidolph (Wellington), A.C. Force, N.Z.
James Sandbrook (Wellington), Sergt, 14th, Crimea, Turkish, N.Z.
Cornelius Sheehan (Wellington), 57th, N.Z.
M. Sheehy (Wellington), Quart, Master Sergt., Army Service Corps, Crimea and Turkish
J. Shanaghan (Wellington), N.Z.
J. Stark (Wellington), Wellington Rifles, N.Z.
A. Stott (Wellington), 57th, N.Z.
Wm. Stanyon (Wellington), R. Marines, South Africa, Egypt, Khedive's star
Rt. Hon. R. J. Seddon
W. H. Skinner (Wellington), Crimea and N.Z.
P. Sheridan (Wellington), 14th Foot, N.Z.
C. Stacey (Dreyerton), 65th
F. Silver (Wellington), Sergt. Permanent Militia, Ashanti and N.Z.
Harry Steevens [Stevens?] (Taradale), 70th, Crimea, and Turkish
Hon. W. C. Smith, M.L.C., N.Z.
H. Smith (Wellington), 12th Lancers, Crimea, Turkish, Central India
J. W. Strudwick (Masterton), C.R.D.G., Mutiny
Ed. Tregear (Wellington), Native Contingent, N.Z.
R. Tingey (Wellington), Wanganui Rifles, N.Z.
A. C. Turner (Wellington), 1st Waikatos, N.Z.
J. Turner (Wellington), 50th, N.Z.
Hon. Tomoana, M.L.C., N.Z.
Capt. Tanner (late of Fifth Contingent in South Africa), Matabele
Thos. Urwin (Wellington), R.N., Baltic
Keran Whelan (Wellington), Sergt., 14th, N.Z.
J. Walden (Wellington), N.Z.
J. Wilson (Wellington), Corpl., 14th, N.Z.
General Sir Geo. Whitmore, M.L.C., Staff, K.C.M.G., Crimea. Cape, N.Z. etc.
Sergt. Webbe (Wellington), P.M., N.Z.
Henry Walton (Waikanae), R.N., Baltic and Crimea
A. M'Kellar Wix (Wellington), 5th Fusiliers, Africa
Joseph Wright (Wanganui)
Capt. Webster (New Plymouth), Crimea
Hon. J. G. Ward
J. P. Ward (Blenheim), Forest Rangers
Frank Watson (Blenheim), Forest Rangers
Woods (Masterton), 19th

Evening Post, Volume LX, Issue 60, 8 September 1900, Page 5

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