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Mee, Alexander

Death of Mr A. Mee
Another of South Canterbury's old identities passed away on Thursday, in the person of Mr Alex. Mee, of Pleasant Point, who was found dead in a paddock near his home.

Mr Mee was a member of the Levels County Council, and at one time he was also a member of the Timaru Harbour Board. He was also a Crimean war veteran. He joined the Royal Irish Constabulary and volunteered for service in the Crimean war in the beginning of 1855, and became a member of the Royal Military Train. He remained on active service till the war terminated, and was given his discharge with the rank of sergeant, and returned to his position in the Royal Irish Constabulary.

He received the Crimean war medal and the Sebastopol clasp, and also a silver medal from the Turkish Government.

Mr Mee also received a silver medal from the Royal Society for the protection of life from fire, and a badge of merit from the Constabulary Board of Reward for saving life. He was also a member of the police force in the colony, with the rank of sergeant, and he it was who was sent Home and succeeded in capturing Garrett, the noted bushranger, in London.

Mr Mee is said to have gained more medals and clasps than any other veteran in Timaru. He was a member of the Levels Road Board for eighteen years, and was for some time, a member of the Timaru Harbour Board. The deceased leaves four children — Mrs W.N. Seay (Addington), Mrs Aylmer (Pleasant Point), Mr Thomas Mee, and an unmarried daughter.
Press, Volume LIX, Issue 11283, 26 May 1902, Page 5

The late Mr Alexander Mee, whose death was reported a few days ago, was an old Crimean veteran, having gone through that war as a member of the Royal Irish Constabulary. On his arrival in New Zealand in the ship Pladda in 1860 he joined the police force and rode in the first and second gold escorts from Tuapeka to Dunedin. Soon after this he was promoted to be senior sergeant at Dunedin gaol.

In 1862 he was sent Home on some important police business. After leaving the service Mr Mee went to the West Coast, and latterly farming at Oamaru and in South Canterbury has engaged his attention.

Mr Mee was for more than 20 years a member of the Levels County Council, and was for some little time a member of the Timaru Harbour Board, and at the time of his death he was a member of the Geraldine Licensing Committee. In 1888 he was appointed a justice of the peace. Mr Mee was twice married, and leaves a widow and four children, three of them by his first wife.
Otago Witness , Issue 2515, 28 May 1902, Page 30


  1. Nancy McLaughlin (g-granddaughter)August 29, 2012 at 1:56 PM

    The above first item is not correct. Alexander Mee was sent Home to apprehend one William BRUTTON, a bank teller from Dunedin, who had absconded with a sum of money. No known connection with Garrett, the bushranger!

  2. I suppose someone thought the story would be better with a bushranger rather than a bank clerk.