Monday, May 28, 2012

Lacy, Robert

That Lord Ranfurly takes more than a passing interest in the veterans resident in this Colony is fully exemplified by the following extract of a letter received from Viscount Northland by Mr J. H. Vincent, of Ashhurst:-

Re Robert Lacy, who was lately selected for the Veterans' Home, and resigned. As a special case as Lacy's is such a deserving one — His Excellency the Governor offers to take Lacy up in his own carriage on Tuesday, and see him safely installed in the Veterans' Home. His Excellency will keep Lacy there as his guest for a month, and if Lacy does not like it the Governor will have him seen back to Ashhurst. If after a month Lacy prefers to remain in the Home, he can remain on the terms mentioned in my previous letters to Him. It will be a fairly easy journey in the Governor's carriage compared to what it would be in an ordinary carriage, etc." Needless to say, Veteran Lacy availed himself of the kind offer.

Lacy, who is one o£ the saltest of old salts, is 80 years of age, and is one of the very few connecting links between the Hearts of Oak and the modern machine ship. He wears the following medals "Syria," 1848 (two); "Baltic," 1854-1855, and two Crimean medals, but undoubtedly one of the proudest moments of his life was when he boarded the Governor's carriage.
Feilding Star, Volume XXV, Issue 137, 25 November 1903, Page 2

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