Friday, May 25, 2012

Hewstone, Henry James

death registered 1910/9349 aged 72 years

It seems extraordinary that the British War Office should, this year, be paying out prize-money gained nearly half a century ago, but such is the case. A resident of Lyttelton, Mr Henry James Hewstone, who served in the navy during the Crimean war, and was engaged before Sebastopol, received a few weeks ago arrears of prize money, amounting to a few pounds, due to him from that far off time.

Mr Hewstone left the navy forty-four years ago, and has been a resident of New Zealand for more than forty years. About six months ago, hearing that it was proposed to grant pensions to all survivors of the Crimean War, he applied for one, and wrote at the foot of his application the words, "also prize-money, if any." The question of Mr Hewstone's pension is not yet settled, but the Agent-General for the colony is attending to the veteran's interests in the matter.
Star , Issue 6616, 14 October 1899, Page 4

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