Monday, May 21, 2012

Hazell, George

1886/3570 Hazell George 52 years

Sergeant-Major Hazell, whose death took place in Auckland on the 27th ult., was an old Crimean veteran, and acted as orderly to Lord Raglan at that time. He has been a teacher of equestration and riding master in Auckland for a number of years, and during the recent war scare raised the Auckland Troop of Cavalry, and afterwards organised the Royal Lancers, of which troop he was Sergeant-Major. His death was caused by heart disease. Deceased was accorded a military funeral.
Evening Post, Volume XXXII, Issue 97, 8 September 1886, Page 3

Mrs. Hazell, widow of the late Sergeant-major George Hazell, desires through our columns to tender her cordial thanks to Colonel Lyon and those other kind friends who, not sparing pains or trouble, procured the special train and made the various and complete arrangements which were carried out on the occasion of the largely attended military funeral of her late husband on Sunday last.
New Zealand Herald, Volume XXIII, Issue 7732, 2 September 1886

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